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I offer a range of Reiki crouses, from the First Degree course (Shoden), Second Degree (Okuden and Master/Teacher (Shinpiden Level.

The teaching of Reiki is a time of Student and Master coming together.  The relationship between the Student and Teacher form a special bond, one that is supportive to both of them.  Its a time of maintaining a relationship that continues to empower the student encouraging students to find their own answers deept inside themselves.

Reiki Degree Level Conducted over a one day course

Course Fee: £100pp.  Certified Course.  
Reiki Degree Level 2.
Conducted over two days.  Choice of Days.  10.30 to 4pm
Course Fee: £160pp. Certified Course.
Reiki Degree Level 3. Master/Teacher level.  Contact Karmen for further information.  This course is catered for those who wish to teach Reiki as part of their practice.  

Reiki Degree Level 1. (Shoden)   Course Fee:  £100. 
The course is a one day period. from 10.30am to 4.30pm.  Contact Karmen to book your course. email: or mobile number 0777 835 8412

Course dates: Sunday's

Reiki First Degree (Shoden)

On the Reiki Level 1 course (Shoden) we will study the origins and history of Reiki, where it comes from, and the Reiki Precepts in detail.  The student will be given four powerful connections called attunements.  Reiju initiation.  This traditional Japanese initiation will open you up to the Reiki energy, allowing it to flow through you.  These simple initiations will stay with you forever.

Techniques and meditations are one of the five main elements of the system of Reiki.  Various techniques and meditations are taught throughout the three levels of the system.  In the Shoden course there are a number of techniques integral to this level.

Before beginning to practise traditional teachings, it is importanat for the student to understand the traditional Japanese beliefs about energy. Tthere are four separate attunements for the first degree.

The Morning Session.



History and life of Reiki and Mikao Usui

Understanding the Reiki Precepts.

Explanation of what Reiki (Spiritual Energy) is and how it works. 

First Degree Reiki is all about connecting to the energy, learning to develop your sensitivity to the flow of energy, working on yourself to develop your ability as a channel and to enhance self-healing, and working on other people and sentient beings.

Hatsurei Ho – Helps grounding balancing and enhancing the ability to channel. 

Joshin Koku Ho (breathing meditation).

First Attunement
Reiju Spiritual Empowerment

Learning how to work with energy,


Understanding How to Use Hand Positions.

How to perform and demonstrate hands on Self healing.

Mindfulness meditation

Second Attunement

Self Healing Meditiation

Hands on healing. Demonstration and treating others.

Understanding the elements of the system of Reiki:

Hands on healing, Hand Positions, Healing Others, Meditiation, Sacred symbols, Mantras, Attunements, and Reiju

Mindfulness Meditation.

Third Attunement.

Energy Exercises: Learn the Japanese "Hatsu Reik Ho" technique.

Self treatment: of hands on self healing.

Fourth Attunement

Hands on healing on others.

Dedicating the treatment, connecting to Reiki, feel the energy build and low.

Feeling the energy field; Scanning

Smoothing down the aura

Disconnecting from Reiki.

Ethical Code of Conduct when Treating Others, covering Consent & Confidentiality.

Learning about Equipment and Health and Safety issues

The course includes the Reiki Degree Level One (Shoden) Booklet.


Circle of Healing Lights

We offer the Circle of Healing Lights open to the public.  This isn't part of the course but students are welcome to attend and conduct Reiki shares, book your seat early to avoid disappointment.

The Circle of Healing Lights takes place as follows:

Once a month on Sunday's from 11.30am to 12.30pm (One hour duration).

Once a month on Thursday from 6pm to 7pm from my premises at Karmen’s Kreations.  This is where one can practice their hands on healing, embrace reiki shares with members of the public who request healing.


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